The UK Security Industry in 2020

As 2020 is now well underway, it’s an interesting time to look ahead to what may happen in the security industry in 2020, particularly what effect Britain leaving the EU may have.

As we start a new decade, this is the year when Brexit officially happens. Here’s what this could mean for the security sector, as well as other changes in the industry in 2020.

The impact of Brexit on the Security Industry

In Professional Security magazine, Stuart Lowden suggests that if we manage to leave with a deal, as is being promised, then there is expected to be a boom in the UK economy. This, in turn, could lead to new jobs being created, especially in the service industry.

This then could mean that staff with transferable skills change career, or that a surplus of job vacancies means some positions are unfilled. With a lack of labour coming in from EU countries (15,000 of the 371,266 Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences belong to EU nationals), there could also be a shortfall in the number of candidates for security officer jobs.

This is how Abbey Security is well placed for success in a post-Brexit United Kingdom…

Abbey Security has loyal security officers

At Abbey Security, we take our officer’s welfare seriously. Uniquely within our industry, we hold regular team-building days, popular amongst which are go-karting, clay pigeon shooting and paintballing.

This means staff of all levels interact with each other, building a real team environment.

In an area where our employees often work alone, this is especially important.

As well as good rates of pay, we also offer all of our staff access to social events/clubs, company pension scheme and 28 days paid holiday. On certain sites, we also offer a site bonus scheme.

By offering these benefits, we are able to retain the best security staff in the business. Indeed, our retention rates are unmatched, which means our offering to customers will continue to be the very best it can be.

Our officers are all local

An increased job market may mean some vacancies take longer to fill. National companies may fill this shortfall with reserve staff, who may not have the local knowledge to efficiently protect businesses.

At Abbey Security, all our staff are local and personally vetted by our management team. This means we are confident that all our officers can provide excellent levels of protection to our customers.

We have long-standing clients

Established 35 years ago, we’ve been supplying security services to many of our customers over many years. We have long-standing arrangements with companies such as Abbey Labels in Bury St Edmunds and the Cambridge Science Park.

These relationships have really stood the test of time, and we’ve worked together to protect their assets through a number of national changes. With Brexit bringing uncertainty to businesses of all levels, our expertise will allow us to provide the best security solutions in a challenging environment.

All new officers will have first aid training

Another interesting change in the security industry in 2020 is this: From April 1st, any new applicants for an SIA Licence will be required to hold an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

Abbey Security already encourages all our officers to be first aid trained, as we understand this knowledge could be the difference between life and death.

With this requirement in place, every client will benefit from fully trained security staff who can respond to emergency situations quickly. Whether that be attending an alarm activation, responding to suspicious activity, or providing first aid to a staff member or customer.

Abbey Security will protect your Suffolk or Cambridgeshire business in 2020

As we enter a new decade, the future remains uncertain. One thing you can rely on is Abbey Security. We’ve been providing security services to customers in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Thetford, Ely, Newmarket and Ipswich since 1985.

If you want a local security firm with proven experience, contact Abbey Security today on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form and a member of our team will talk through your security requirements.

Posted on February 11, 2020

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