Mobile Security Patrols in Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge

Mobile Security Patrols in Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge

Mobile security patrols are an effectual and cost-effective alternative to static and manned guarding security solutions.

Tailored to your business’s specific security requirements, a highly visible guard in a sign written vehicle can act as a deterrent to criminal behaviour. Due to the random nature of the mobile guard’s patrols, planned burglaries are therefore more difficult to organise and execute, significantly reducing the threat of a break in or other criminal activity.

Why use a mobile security patrol?

Your property is most vulnerable at night, during the weekends and holiday periods. Vital machinery needs monitoring and you require added protection from the risk of fire, flood damage and theft. Tailored mobile security patrols give you round the clock security, a rapid response service and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Our experienced mobile security patrols conduct both internal and external checks of buildings at irregular times. They can also secure and alarm your premises for the night and prepare for the arrival of staff the following morning.

Operating from a fleet of distinctive modern vehicles, our mobile security patrols are in constant two-way communication with our 24-hour control room. When necessary they will respond rapidly to problems, summon assistance and alert key personnel.

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Shopping Centre in Essex

Site knowledge makes all the difference

We never send an officer to patrol a site without a thorough briefing. Ask them and you’ll find that they’re knowledgeable about your needs, the layout and processes of your site. This guarantees you efficient, seamless mobile security patrols of the highest quality. The latest vehicle tracking technology monitors the whereabouts and well-being of our officers. Mobile security patrols are verified by electronic key point readers, which generate reports as often as you want.

Our supervisors routinely check these reports to ensure full patrols are conducted. Naturally, you will be notified of any occurrences showing on the report immediately. Then, should you wish to discuss the matter in more detail, we will arrange for you to speak directly with the relevant operational manager.

What are the benefits of mobile security patrolling?

  • A cost-effective alternative to manned guarding
  • Pre-arranged or random patrols of business premises during quiet times, weekends and bank holidays
  • Business premises unlocked and secured at the beginning and end of the day
  • Lights and dripping taps turned off, reducing business overheads
  • Highly visible signage deters criminal behaviour
  • Guaranteed, efficient response to alarm activations
  • Insurance premiums may be reduced
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Manufacturing business in Haverhill

Abbey Security provide mobile security patrols to businesses across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Based in Bury St Edmunds, at Abbey Security we have been providing mobile security patrols throughout East Anglia for over 30 years. More than just an external patrol, our officers can provide advice on health & safety best practices, inspect your premises for fire risks and check all lights and taps are turned off, saving you and your business money.

If you’re a business owner in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Newmarket, Stowmarket, Thetford or the surrounding areas, by choosing a tailored and flexible mobile security service from Abbey Security, you’ll receive the peace of mind of knowing your business is being protected by professionals and the risk of crime against you reduced, even after everyone has left for the evening.

Find out how we can help you with your security needs throughout Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

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