Abbey Boat Club

Abbey Boat Club

The picture above was taken from the deck of “Old Bones”. This Seamaster 27 is owned and operated by the Abbey Boat Club for the benefit of our employees and provides a clear demonstration of what makes us unique in the crowded field of manned guarding providers.

As a company we strive to add value to our officer’s precious rest time, and, the fact that we are able to bring our initiatives to fruition is proof of our high level of managerial foresight and operational control.

Our inclusive and proactive policy means that not only do our officers receive their desired level of recreational time, but we retain sufficient relief staff to guarantee that full-time site trained officers are always available to cover scheduled holidays and short notice relief periods!

And, as the boat club shows, what makes us special is that we care about our officers. We care about their morale, we care about their personal circumstances and we care about their happiness whether at work, at home or maybe on the river.

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