Abbey Security: We’re a team

At Abbey Security, we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients.

To achieve this, we understand that we require dedication, commitment and loyalty, not only from our management team but also from our security officers. To ensure their happiness and morale are high, and we’re working to our maximum, we have a unique approach to staff wellbeing.

Abbey Security add value to our officer’s rest time

As a company, we do all we can to ensure our staff’s happiness and wellbeing, both at work and outside of it. By adding value to their rest time, we have found our officers feel appreciated. Therefore, they’re prepared to go the extra mile for both us and our clients.

Abbey Boat Club

What has a riverboat got to do with security? ‘Old Bones’ is operated by the Abbey Boat Club for the benefit of our employees. By allowing our officers to hire the boat for the day, we hope to enhance their recreational time so they can operate at their best while at work. This means they’re protecting your premises to the best of their abilities at all times.

We support personal development

As we’ve already highlighted, we believe that a security company is only as good as its guards. To work in the UK, every officer must be SIA licensed, meaning they have been trained to the highest of standards. To provide peace of mind to our officers and our clients, all our staff are fully licensed. As per our accreditation criteria, we can also guarantee they will have undergone careful screening before commencing employment with us as standard.

Abbey Security go one step further though.

All our officers enjoy an ongoing personal development programme and continual proactive support in their career. By encouraging our people to grow with us, we keep motivated staff who are ever more skilled to undertake their job.

Abbey Security take our guard’s safety seriously

The safety of our officers is of paramount importance to us at Abbey Security. For this reason, our officers are fully briefed before being sent to patrol a site and are in constant two-way communication with our 24-hour control room.

As our fleet of vehicles is also tracked by the latest technology, we can immediately see if anything untoward or suspicious is occurring and take steps to minimise any threats.

We encourage and reward success

It’s not just by developing and looking out for our team that makes our officers so loyal. By recognising and rewarding success and long service we are able to retain the best staff in the business. We present our dedicated officers with long service badges at five-year increments, and give out monthly and annual awards to both individuals and teams based on recommendations from both supervisors and customers.

By rewarding success, we promote good practice and keep happy staff who are dedicated and prepared to go above and beyond for our clients. It also means we can retain sufficient relief staff to cover scheduled holidays and short notice challenges.

Abbey Security provide exceptional security guarding services throughout Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

If you’ve been disappointed or let down by your current security company, why not get in contact with the team at Abbey Security and let us and our officers work with you to improve your business security solutions.

We provide static and manned guarding, mobile patrols and keyholding services to a range of companies in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Newmarket, Thetford and the surrounding areas. To find out more, please call us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on December 11, 2017

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