Security solutions for different businesses in East Anglia

How our security officers can help protect businesses in Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Thetford

In the towns, cities and villages of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, there are several different types of businesses. From high street shops and restaurants to warehouses and out of town business parks. All need protecting from a range of different potential risks and threats.

Our security officers face a number of different issues in these environments.

Prevent retail theft in Cambridgeshire

Retail outlets come with the most obvious threats. Large amounts of stock on display and the promise of cash on site in cash registers and safes make them attractive targets for thieves. Reducing loss is very much the order of the day in the retail sector. Visible security guards are the most active deterrent to shoplifters, while a local town ranger may be able to help in the event of a theft.

Keyholding services for offices in Suffolk

It’s not just retail outlets who require security, office-based businesses do too. Mobile security patrols or keyholding services are particularly useful for office premises, preventing the need for a lone worker to lock up on their own or respond to an alarm activation themselves.

More information about security for offices can be found in our blog ‘Security Patrols and Services for Offices’.

Security Officers for Shopping Centres & Car Parks in East Anglia

Shopping centres are very busy areas. Especially during the weekends. As well as keeping an eye on potential shoplifters, security officers in a shopping centre provide many more essential services. From training other staff to contributing to health & safety audits these officers have many strings to their bow.

As well as shoplifting, other concerns in a busy shopping centre include terrorism, floods and fire. Then there are all the other issues associated with large groups of people, including lost children and first aid incidents.

Security doesn’t end when then shoppers go home either. Night time security is an essential part of shopping centre security. A manned guard is able to monitor vulnerable areas and respond quickly to any alarm activations.

Mobile patrols can protect vacant business premises

Between January and April this year, the collapse of just a few major chains has caused nearly 650 shops to shut. Half of those were due to the failure of Maplin and Toys ‘R’ Us.

With these now vacant premises there comes a particular set of challenges.

Targeted by vandals and illegal occupants, vacant buildings are at risk from graffiti, arson, vandalism and squatters, as well as natural disasters such as fire or flood.

Often insurers will require an empty property to be under constant surveillance in order to insure it. Our mobile patrol officers will undertake regular visits to your property where they will check for physical damage and signs of illegal entry. They may even collect mail or take meter readings if required.

Abbey Security provides security services for companies in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

As well as security for individual businesses, we also provide officers to town centres as a whole. More information about the changing landscape of town centre security can be seen in our blog ‘The role of security officers in Suffolk town centres’.

With fully trained officers, we can provide solutions for all your business security needs. To find out how Abbey Security can protect your business from crime contact us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on September 21, 2018

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