What do security officers do on a mobile patrol?

Mobile security is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your business premises. Where a permanent guard is not a viable option, mobile patrols can provide the visible presence needed to deter criminals from carrying out a crime. But what do our officers do on a mobile patrol?

Mobile security officers are trained to be observant

One of the key characteristics of a security officer is their ability to observe minor changes in their surrounding environment. When working as a door supervisor, this allows the officer to see a change in someone’s body language and use this information to diffuse a potential situation before it arises.

When carrying out a mobile patrol, there are other slight differences that a security officer will observe. Open doors that are normally closed. A smashed window or other signs of forced entry such as a boot print on a door. Vehicles parked in unusual positions. All are small warnings that everything may not be as it should.

By driving slowly, security officers can spot these unusual situations. Their trusty flashlight allows them to see into dark and vulnerable areas. Through experience, their intuition will soon highlight anything out of the ordinary.

A mobile security patrol will highlight illegal road use

Security officers have no more rights than the public when it comes to driving on the road.

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Due to their position, however, they may be well placed to spot illegal activity taking place. Motorists driving erratically or parked illegally can be reported to the police.

Although not breaking the law maliciously, a lorry parked on private property could cause damage to buildings or kerbstones. A speeding car or one driving erratically could highlight someone trying to vacate a recent incident in a hurry.

Security officers see the bigger picture

Although officers are working on behalf of a specific client, they may also see other instances of crime while carrying out their duties.

When patrolling premises on a business park, for example, any suspicious activity that is spotted could help to prevent further crime. Spotting a group of youths lurking where they shouldn’t or a car acting unusually could be warning signs of potential vandalism or a planned break-in. Further measures could then be put in place by business owners to prevent loss or damage to property.

Due to their visible presence and the varied timings of their patrols, security officers become unpredictable to criminals, deterring them from carrying out unlawful acts as the risk of being caught increases.

Security guards are experienced in dealing with difficult situations

Often working on instinct, a successful security officer has a sixth sense for spotting something out of the ordinary. They’re trained to look just that little bit closer. If they find something untoward, their training allows them to deal with the incident efficiently.

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Posted on June 11, 2018

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