How to reduce the number of call outs for false alarms

We offer a key holding service to businesses throughout Suffolk and Cambridge and this can provide a lot of peace of mind for when the alarm does goes off.

You know your premises will be checked out by one of our mobile patrol officers in the event of an alarm going off but how can you reduce the number of false alarms which inevitably cost you money? Based on our call outs we’ve compiled the top 5 reasons why alarms go off unnecessarily and have some useful suggestions on how you can reduce the risk.

Regular servicing

Make sure the alarm system is regularly serviced by a qualified engineer. Sometimes we visit new clients where the alarm system hasn’t been looked at or maintained since the day it was installed. Casings can become loose, wiring and switching can deteriorate with age so it’s essential to have your alarm system serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Windows left open

Many alarm systems will go off if they detect a change in temperature or air movement. Leaving a window open, not only can attract unwanted attention from an intruder but will trigger false alarms if the temperature changes. At the same time blinds, plants and even piles of paper left near a window can be disturbed by wind causing an alarm system to go off.

Air conditioning left on

For the same reason as windows left open, changes in air movement or temperature can falsely trigger alarms resulting in disturbance for the key holders and local neighbours. Make sure all air conditioning systems are turned off when the business is empty and you will get fewer false alarms.

Faulty wireless systems

Wired alarm systems tend to be far more reliable and it’s something we would recommend to all of our clients.

Balloons and other hanging objects!

They may be great for wishing your colleagues the best on their birthday or when they are leaving but left in front of a sensor will inevitably cause problems. Any change in air movement and the alarm will go off so next time someone is leaving the business buy them flowers instead!

User error

Re-entering a building too soon before the system has armed itself is a really easy problem to avoid but you would be surprised how often this happens. Make sure you train all your staff on how to use the alarm system correctly and especially make sure they are aware to wait for the allotted time before re-entering the building.

Posted on July 29, 2016

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