Why you should invest in security in the New Year

New Year is a time for resolutions. Giving up smoking, eating healthier, doing more exercise.

All are improvements that can improve your lifestyle and increase your general wellbeing. And will all probably be forgotten about come the 17th January – ‘Ditch the Resolution Day’. So, how about committing to a resolution you will keep this year… How about improving your business security in 2018?

Most companies have some form of security. But it’s not always enough. A 2015 report by Populus stated that 75% of businesses that were victims of crime did not have adequate business security precautions in place at the time of the incident. It also estimated that the average cost of burglary across the lifespan of a business is £13,570.

Here are 5 reasons to improve your business security in 2018

Deter criminals – Having no or inadequate security is like an open invitation to criminals. Would-be burglars like a crime to be straightforward. A simple CCTV camera may be enough to put off some criminals. But a permanent, static security guard or a frequent mobile patrol will probably result in your property being left well alone.

Save money on insurance – While there are costs attached to improving your security, these can often be offset against reductions in insurance premiums, as the risk of loss or damage to your property is reduced. The average cost per crime or fire is £3,000. And that doesn’t include the time a business is closed following a break-in. Taking these costs into account makes improving security an economical choice.

Police levels are at their lowest in 30 years – Figures released in July last year showed that the number of police officers across all ranks stood at just 123,142 – the lowest since comparable records began in 1996, with previous records indicating this is the lowest number of officers since 1985.

With 117,000 burglaries and burglary attempts in the UK wholesale and retail premises sector alone in 2016 (source: 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey), now may be a good time to invest in a more visible security presence.

Reduce the risk of flooding, accidents and fire damage – More than just a security presence, a trained officer can prevent other emergencies from occurring. By checking taps, lights and electronic equipment are turned off the risk of flooding and fire is greatly reduced. Likewise, a permanent, onsite guarding presence means any incident is dealt with quickly, so any emergency situation is managed as efficiently as possible.

Change to a supplier who will perform – Improving your security could be as simple as changing your supplier. If you’re currently using a national company, why not consider a local supplier? With greater local knowledge and faster response times, choosing a local supplier may be a more effective and cost-efficient option.

Let Abbey Security protect your Suffolk and Cambridgeshire based business in 2018

Abbey Security has been providing security solutions to companies throughout East Anglia since 1985. To benefit from a security company with over 30 years’ experience, get in contact with Abbey Security on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on January 3, 2018

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