Why your business could be a target for criminals in 2024?

There are various reasons why your business could be targeted by criminals and why some business premises are more likely to attract attention than others.

The methods used to exploit or target businesses in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire can vary but if you want to be prepared for 2024, the key is to understand why your business premises could be at risk so you can put in the appropriate measures to protect it.

Financial Gain

Criminals often target businesses to steal valuable assets, cash or merchandise. Anything which can be easily taken, has a financial benefit and could be sold on are, without doubt, going to interest anyone inclined to commit theft.

Some businesses may appear more attractive to thieves than others. For example, a jewellery shop holds a lot of small, easily portable, high-value stock. But while a jewellery shop may benefit from being in a busy and highly visible location, which can deter some thieves, other businesses are less conspicuous, putting them more at risk. Construction sites, for example, have valuable tools and equipment and store expensive materials such as metals, which are often left unguarded.


Vandalism is not senseless damage to property. It is carried out with a purpose and for various reasons including competition, revenge, to make money or for ideological motives. But it causes disruption for businesses and leads to costly repairs and clean-up operations.

One of the reasons businesses are vandalised is because they have little or no surveillance, particularly at night when they and surrounding properties are unoccupied. Without staff or a security guard to monitor the property, it can be easy pickings for vandals. A way to prevent this is through the installation of CCTV cameras. The mere sight of a camera can be enough to deter criminals, who do not want to be caught on film.


Customer data, financial or card payment data and intellectual property are valuable to competitors. Hacking into your IT system is a form of cybercrime that makes your computer worth more than you think. Ensuring computer equipment is kept in a secure area, and your building is alarmed can help prevent theft or access to confidential information. Appointing Abbey Security to provide a key holding and security alarm response service is also a worthwhile investment offering peace of mind.

Operating outside of normal business hours

If your business is operating late into the evening, during weekends or holidays, you could be more vulnerable to unwanted attention from criminals. During these times, businesses typically operate with limited staff, meaning there are fewer potential witnesses to a crime, making it easier for perpetrators.

Mobile security patrolling is an effective way to combat this, whereby our security guards will randomly patrol the site, checking entry points or other vulnerable areas. This is important if your business premises are located in a quiet area and can also help staff feel less vulnerable when it’s dark.

Poor Security Measures

Weak or limited physical security, such as poorly fitted locks, inadequate CCTV monitoring or alarm response systems can make your business more vulnerable to criminal attack.

Investing in comprehensive security measures, conducting regular risk assessments, training employees on security protocols and keeping informed about the latest threats and security best practices are ways to mitigate this. A physical penetration test, carried out by Abbey Security’s professionally trained officers is a good way to help you identify weaknesses in your security systems in order to put the appropriate measures in place.


If you are looking for professional security services in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, contact Abbey Security Services on 01284 768832 and we can help with a tailored approach to your security needs.



Posted on January 23, 2024

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