Uncover vulnerabilities in your business – why you shouldn’t overlook your physical security controls

Physical security controls are a critical component of security measures for any organisation. While technological and digital security solutions are essential, overlooking the physical safekeeping of your business premises and assets can lead to various risks and vulnerabilities.

Managing visitor access should be a high priority for any business but without adequate controls in place, it is possible for unauthorised individuals to gain access to restricted areas, leading to potential theft, data breaches, sabotage and putting your employees at risk. Remember to challenge anyone you don’t recognise or is not displaying company identification.

How physical security can help

Any kind of breach of your security can cause severe disruption to your business operations and productivity. Installing and implementing physical security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems and security guarding can be a highly effective deterrent to potential criminals.

Physical security measures provide several means of protection for businesses, including visitor management as well as preventing uncontrolled and unauthorised access to individuals who may pose a security threat.

The benefits of a physical penetration test

Without the appropriate physical security measures in place, businesses are vulnerable to attack. A physical penetration test is one way to combat this threat. The test is performed by trained security professionals such as Abbey Security Services officers, who will undertake a simulated attack on your business’ physical security to try and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

During the test, officers will attempt to penetrate your existing security control measures such as access control systems, surveillance systems and perimeter security. This allows you to see how well your physical security is performing or whether any changes are required.

The advantages of a physical penetration test is that it will help to identify weaknesses in your company’s physical security controls. By uncovering those vulnerabilities, you can take proactive steps to mitigate potential risks and strengthen your business’ physical security measures, which could involve implementing new security protocols, upgrading equipment, or enhancing staff training.

Physical penetration tests complement other security measures, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your overall security position by addressing physical security alongside your procedures. They also help to raise awareness amongst employees about the importance of following security procedures, such as using the correct signing in and out procedure for visitors, maintaining a secure workplace and reporting any suspicious activity.

Following a physical penetration test, recommendations to enhance your security may be made.

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm will alert you to unauthorised entry both while the business is occupied and outside of operating hours.

CCTV surveillance

A CCTV system is a useful deterrent for potential intruders, helping to prevent crime such as theft or vandalism. Not only can it be used as valuable evidence, but it can also be monitored by our 24-hour control room

Access Control Systems

Access control can be in the form of digital keypad entry, ID card or fob and can be used with doors or barrier control systems.


Having adequate lighting around your premises, including entrances, secure storage areas, parking areas and around high value equipment can act as a deterrent to perpetrators. In addition, sensor-activated lighting will catch them unguarded and discourage criminal activity.

Static Guarding

Using manned security guarding for entrance gate control, reception duties or to patrol your premises means that a trained professional is on hand to respond to security issues and raise the alarm to the police.

For further information regarding physical penetration testing and to discuss your security requirements, please contact Abbey Security Services on 01284 768832.


Posted on May 13, 2024

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