Top tips to secure your building site

Building sites are easy targets for thieves, with expensive equipment tempting them to try and achieve a quick payday.

As access is needed by a range of contractors, it may be hard to keep tabs on everybody on-site. Particularly vulnerable at out of hours’ times, arson and vandalism are other potential problems that could arise if your site is not secured correctly.

When thinking about security arrangements, it’s also worth considering the Occupiers Liability Act of 1984, which states that a site occupier has a duty of care towards people on their premises, including trespassers.

By taking appropriate steps, you could reduce the risk of damage and loss, as well as lessening the chance of injury to anyone on site.

How to secure your construction site

Secure the perimeter – Security fencing is the best way of protecting the perimeter of your site. Fences should be 2.4 metres high to effectively keep out trespassers. Avoid having too many entrances/exits, as these could be exploited by thieves, and utilise good lighting. This can deter intruders, but considerations should be made to ensure they’re high enough to avoid being vandalised. Use signs to warn off potential criminals, but keep them generic, so as not to identify individual security equipment that could then be subjected to vandalism.

CCTV – As well as acting as a deterrent, CCTV also provides visual evidence should a crime take place.
N.B. If CCTV recordings are to be used as evidence, notices must be displayed to say recording is in operation.

Security Patrols – A manned guarding service means a professional security officer is on site outside of working hours, which is a major deterrent to would-be thieves. As well as carrying out regular patrols – which is a great way of preventing illegal activity, such as theft or vandalism – a security officer can also provide full gate control, signing personnel and vehicles in and out, so you know exactly who is on site and when.

Alarm systems – As an alternative to security patrols, an alarm system can ensure a rapid response security officer is quickly on site, shortly after the alarm has been triggered. The officer can then assess any potential threats, before coordinating with the police to minimise any losses. By highlighting the fact that you have this system, you may also discourage would be criminals from entering the site in the first place.

Adopt good practices – Ensure all tools are marked, and locked away securely if left on site. Consider making site staff personally responsible for the equipment they use, encouraging them to take more care of them during working hours as well as at the end of the day. Remove all ignition keys from any vehicles or equipment that are unattended, and have a log of their Identification Numbers, serial numbers, and engine numbers. Also, report any thefts to the police, and make a record of any suspicious activity seen by your staff.

Work with the local community – The public are often a good source of security. Use signs to encourage them to report any suspicious or anti-social behaviour, and provide an option for them to inform you of any security concerns they may have. As they are around outside of working hours, just the knowledge that the local community are keeping an eye out could be enough to prevent a crime occurring.

Need help with your building site security in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire?

As you can see, there are many measures that can be put in place to increase security around a building or construction site. Abbey Security can help protect your site when your workers have left for the evening. We will undertake a full site assessment on your behalf prior to commencing the job, ensuring you get the best solutions for your individual needs, and complete protection when you need it. We provide a service that will provide you with the satisfaction that your site is being looked after by professionals.

For static guarding, rapid alarm response, or gate control Abbey Security have the personnel to fulfil all your security requirements. To find out more, call us on 01284 768832, or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on April 3, 2017

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