Manufacturing business in Haverhill

“We have used the services of Abbey Security since March 1994! We required a professional company that could provide a static guard service and one that could deliver on its promise of a consistently high service. During the 22 year partnership Abbey Security has achieved this promise, proving that they are good to their word!

The decision to contract our site security needs at our Haverhill site were for numerous reasons, some of which are given as follows:

  • Having a reliable company to both lock up and open the buildings for staff ensuring the security of the site out of normal operating hours.
  • Enable on site cover to deal with issues of unwanted visitors (including children looking to play in the school holidays), illegal use of the site for raves and eliminate any risk of potential theft.
  • Peace of mind of a physical presence!

Security may seem an expensive and possibly a luxury, particularly in these cost conscious times. When NO site security issues exist it’s additionally tempting to look at cutting such a service. But one has to understand that security is a non-issue because of the consistently high quality services provided and for no other reason! The cost of hind sight is likely to be far more significant than the cost of paying for the reassurance and peace of mind that a trustworthy and professional security company like Abbey Security provide.

Here’s to another 22 years of non (site security) issues!”

Manufacturing business in Haverhill
Manufacturing business in HaverhillOperations Director

Posted on July 22, 2014

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