Security solutions for business parks

Due to the number of different companies and their employees on-site, effective business park security is paramount.

At Abbey Security we’re proud of our long-standing relationships with local companies. One of these relationships is with Cambridge Science Park, with whom we’ve provided security solutions for over 20 years.

Because of the size of business, retail and science parks, the type of security we provide is different to the protection we offer to single premises contracts.

Here’s how security companies can help protect business parks from crime and keep employees and property safe.

Car park on business park

Why do you need security for a business park?

Because of the number of different companies sharing a business park, effective security is a necessity. Through effective CCTV monitoring, manned guarding and keyholding security companies can:

  • Prevent crime – As well as break ins, crime on business parks can also include trespassing or criminal damage, such as vandalism. Having a uniformed presence on the park can deter potential criminal activity.
  • Protect property – Having security on site 24/7 can prevent deliberate or accidental damage to property, with events such as flooding, or fire being dealt with efficiently.
  • Protect staff – There are a lot of people who work on science and business parks. Security officers can help ensure the safety of these employees, especially in open areas such as car parks.

How can security companies protect business and science parks?

CCTV monitoring services for business parks

CCTV can help improve the security of business premises. Allowing a central office to monitor an entire site from one office, this is an efficient method of security. When used in conjunction with mobile patrols, incidents can be identified and responded to efficiently.

CCTV monitoring at Cambridge Science Park

There are 120 ultra-high definition cameras on the Park, which is continually monitored. Any suspicious activity, or even just anything out of the ordinary, can be passed on to the security team on the ground. They can then investigate and respond accordingly. Trained to spot anything that appears unusual, the vigilance of the security team mean potential crimes can be stopped before they even occur.

Why is manned guarding important on a business park?

Having security officers on site can prevent unauthorised access to buildings, protecting people, property and premises. Manned guarding refers to both static and mobile guarding. Depending on your needs, an officer can either be permanently on site, or perform patrols of the area at random or routine periods.

Having this uniformed presence on a business park can act as a visual deterrent to crime. Security officers can also perform other duties, such as gate control, or providing a car escort service for lone or late shift workers.

Manned foot and mobile vehicle patrols in Cambridge

Working in conjunction with the operations room, we provide foot and mobile patrols to every business on the Park, outside of business hours. We routinely patrol each building on the site and so are well placed to prevent and deter criminal activity.

Our security officers are in continuous radio contact with the operations team. This means they are always aware of potential situations. This helps them to quickly question suspicious individuals or respond to an incident. It also ensures their safety as the operations room can offer continuing direction, and respond appropriately should radio communications be lost.

First aid courses for business park employees

First aid knowledge can save lives, so many of our staff have completed first training. We see it as our duty to protect people on the site we are guarding. To this end, we also organise first aid training courses for staff working on the Park, if they require it.

To find out more, or to book a course, contact our security team on 01284 330410 or 07920 802202.

About Cambridge Science Park

Established by Trinity College in 1970, Cambridge Science Park is the oldest science park in the United Kingdom. Home to 105 companies in 57 buildings, the Park has been one of the main drivers in transforming Cambridge into a global leading technology hotspot.

To celebrate our long and successful working partnership with the Science Park, we’re offering Science Park based facilities managers the opportunity to see their offices from the air.

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Abbey Security has provided security services to businesses in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire since 1985.

We have supplied security services to businesses of all sizes in East Anglia. From small business units to large business parks, we create bespoke security plans tailored towards each individual business. This allows us to provide the very best security service possible. To find out how our manned guarding services can help you, please contact us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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