Keep your business premises secure this summer

Keeping your business secure is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week undertaking. It is also vulnerable to seasonal specific threats.

During the summer months, there are different issues to take into consideration. Staff holidays, warmer weather and longer days all contribute to an increased risk to your property and assets. Here are our top tips for securing your business this summer.

Secure windows and doors

As the temperatures rise, employees are more likely to open windows and doors. While the breeze this creates is a blessed relief on a hot day, it does create a security risk. An open door can be an open invitation for intruders to come in. And a window that’s left open overnight, a gift for opportunist criminals.

Ensure someone checks and shuts all windows and doors before locking up for the night. It is also advisable to watch all open doors, so you know who is on premises at all times. A static guard from Abbey Security can undertake these processes on your behalf.

Remember security lighting

As the days are longer, it’s often still light when everyone goes home for the night. Don’t forget to set security lighting to come on when it does get darker.

Staff Holidays

As staff levels decrease with employees going on holidays, security may take a back seat. Remaining staff are busier, and so may not have the time to be as vigilant as normal. It’s essential to stress to them the importance of implementing effective security measures.

If those responsible for security are on holiday, delegate this duty to others. Ensure they are fully instructed on all the processes involved. It’s also a good idea to brief any temporary seasonal staff on security protocols.

Long summer days should mean more fun

With the warmer weather comes more opportunities for socialising. Trips to the beach, BBQs, days in the park… the number of people going on days out increases during the summer. Keyholders can’t travel far on these days as they need to be close to the premises in the case of an activation. They can’t have a drink. How would they feel about being called away from a BBQ to respond to a false alarm? Consider the keyholding and rapid response service from Abbey Security. We’ll respond to these alarms on your behalf, meaning you and your staff can get on and enjoy the sun.

Keep CCTV working efficiently

During the summer months, trees and plants can grow quickly. As a result, they may obscure or completely cover your security measures. This can result in an increased number of false alarms, or affect your chances of capturing an intruder. By clearing foliage from your CCTV cameras, you can keep them running at their best. A security guard undertaking a patrol will be able to identify these issues for you. This will allow you to take steps to ensure your premises is as secure as possible.

Abbey Security Services Ltd can help protect your business in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

From locking and unlocking your premises to undertaking security patrols, our officers can help improve your business security this summer. To find out more please give us a call on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on August 7, 2017

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