How secure is your warehouse?

An essential part of a warehouse’s credibility is its security. With high volumes of stock being stored, keeping merchandise safe is vital.

Unfortunately, having a high number of staff, and a lot of daily visitors means security can be hard to keep warehouse security under control.

Thankfully, there are many measures that can be undertaken to help protect stock. Here are our top tips for securing a warehouse.

Think about the layout of the warehouse

By carefully thinking about the layout of your warehouse, you can help increase the security of your stock. By keeping goods in and out separate, it makes it harder to move goods from one area to the other, helping to reduce losses. There should be as few external doors as possible, and where not a fire door, these should be secured and locked at all times when not in use.

Having the main doors in view of the manager’s or supervisor’s office can help reduce theft, as they can be closely monitored by senior members of staff. Outside a perimeter fence can keep unauthorised personnel out.

Also, think about the location of restrooms. Having toilets on the outer edge of the warehouse can make it harder for dishonest members of staff to use them to conceal items. It can also help keep visitors away from secure areas.

Identify your personnel

Being able to easily identify staff members is a key part of warehouse security. All staff should wear uniforms or name badges, and regular staff searches should also be a consideration at the end of shifts. It’s also important to properly carry out background checks on all staff before they commence employment.

Likewise, any visitors should sign in and out, and should be accompanied at all times when on site. In some scenarios, it has been known for delivery drivers to have a separate room in which they can wait while their vehicles are being unloaded/loaded.

CCTV and other warehouse security measures

CCTV and alarm systems can act as a deterrent to potential thieves, and can also help in the apprehension of criminals if a crime does occur. Place them in both external and internal areas to increase their efficiency.

Good lighting can also be an effective deterrent to crime. Parking areas, entrances/exits and storage areas especially, should all be well lit to prevent stealing.

Security Guarding

One of the most effective ways to prevent crime in a warehouse is to employ the services of manned security guards. Knowing you have the permanent protection of a team of security guards can be enough to dissuade criminals from attempting a break-in.

An on-site security guard will carry out regular patrols of your site and monitor your stock at all hours, as well as handle deliveries and supervise vehicles if required. Essentially a preventive measure, having a strong security presence can also help with the day-to-day running of your business, with officers able to help with stock takes and CCTV surveillance.

How can Abbey Security Services Ltd help with your warehouse security in East Anglia?

At Abbey Security, we offer static and manned guarding services to a range of businesses throughout East Anglia. To find out more about how our officers can help secure your warehouse and protect your stock, please feel free to contact us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

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Posted on July 3, 2017

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