Have your cleaning team got the tools to do the job required?

Abbey Security Services Ltd commenced its first cleaning contract in April 2009 and over the following months has seen this arm of the business reach profitability. In that time we have been truly amazed at how little some of the cleaning teams are given, in equipment, to do their job safely and to the required levels.

Our commitment to providing the latest environmentally friendly cleaning products, providing colour coded cloths and mops to minimize cross-infection and producing a comprehensive booklet with all the relevant COSH sheets ensures that you workplace remains clean and hygienic. Debbie Archer joined Abbey Security Services Ltd as the Cleaning Operations Manager and brings with her a wealth of knowledge gained from eight years in the industry. She has qualifications in HSE; Manual Handling: COSH; Laboratory Cleaning; High Level Operatives; Legionella control. Any customer changing their cleaning contractor to Abbey can be assured that there will be a smooth take over of duties that are fully TUPE compliant, and that the individuals are treated fairly and with respect. Debbie’s dedication to clients and operatives alike fits with the company philosophy of building a mutually beneficial three-way partnership, Cleaners; Clients and Abbey, are equal partners, who with understanding management and transparent, ongoing communication succeed in maintaining a fresh and hygienic working environment. If you are interested in experiencing the quality of service we can offer to you please complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we will be happy to call you back.

Posted on May 10, 2016

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