Business Security: Why prevention is better than the cure for your Suffolk based business

Setting up effective security measures could be one of the best moves you make in business.

When it comes to securing your business, prevention is often better than the cure. Frequently, many companies do not consider the effects of a break-in or a fire until it’s too late. The costs resulting from a crime often far outweigh the initial outlay of setting up security measures. Clearing up graffiti, replacing stolen stock and legal cases all require valuable time and money.

Here’s how effective security can help save time and money…

Visible security can prevent a crime

One of the biggest deterrents to crime is a visible security presence. CCTV cameras, alarm systems or an on-site static security guard will all tell a would-be criminal that their planned or opportunistic crime is just not worth it.

Not only break-ins, visible security can also prevent arson, graffiti and other criminal damage.

Not having these measures in place acts as an open invitation to criminals. Your factory, warehouse or business premises could be targeted, as the risk of being caught is significantly lower.

Increase the likelihood of catching criminals

Well-secured businesses are less likely to suffer crimes against them. But in the event a crime is committed, measures such as CCTV can help with the ensuing legal process. A CCTV recording can help positively identify a felon. Likewise, an on-site or mobile security guard may be able to catch a burglar in the act or help the police to achieve a conviction. Similarly, officers will respond to alarm activations, increasing the likelihood of capturing an offender while on site.

Without adequate security, identifying and apprehending criminals becomes much harder. Even if you’re certain of who committed the crime, proving it without recorded evidence is increasingly difficult.

Employers have a responsibility to their staff and visitors

Having effective security can provide peace of mind for your staff and any visitors you have on site. A full-time security officer can provide gate control at a construction site or on a university campus, for example. Having this measure in place means you always know who is on site and that no unauthorised personnel are allowed entry to certain areas.

Employers have a responsibility for their staff’s wellbeing. Having an adequate level of security is a major step in reducing the risk of them becoming a victim of crime.

If there is no record of who is on site, the risk of theft, violence against staff or commercial espionage is significantly increased.

Prevent internal theft with good security practices

Unfortunately, internal theft is a fact of life. And, of course, the people who know most about your lack of security are your staff. Without adequate protection, there’s no deterrent to internal crime, or any ability to apprehend them should suspicions be aroused.

Undertake a thorough security risk assessment

When hiring a professional firm such as Abbey Security to undertake your business security, they will undertake a full risk assessment prior to commencing work. This will highlight all risks and weaknesses within your system. You can then sleep easy knowing every weakness has been addressed and corrected.

Of course, without this risk assessment, any vulnerabilities will be left open to be exploited…

Why wait until it is too late to sort out your business security in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or Norfolk?

If you’re looking to increase your business security, or if you’re just starting out and would like some advice, please contact Abbey Security today.

By having adequate security in place, you may even make savings on your insurance premiums. Abbey Security is accredited by the NSI, meaning we meet the standards demanded by the police, fire service and insurance industry.

To find out how Abbey Security can help with your security needs, please call us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

Posted on October 15, 2018

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