Advantages of CCTV cameras in security

CCTV cameras are an essential part of security. Monitored 24/7, they increase the chance of identifying a criminal or pre-empting a criminal act, as well as help to mobilise an immediate response should a crime be committed.

Here’s why closed-circuit television monitoring is so important in the private security industry.

Are CCTV cameras a deterrent?

While there is no way of determining how effective individual CCTV cameras are in reducing crime, anecdotal evidence from former criminals suggests they are indeed an effective deterrent. Back in 2017 Co-Op Home Insurance surveyed 12 ex-convicts to find out what most declared burglars.

For both home thieves and car thieves, the biggest deterrents were CCTV cameras.

This is backed up by a 2013 study by the College of Policing which states that “the evidence suggests that CCTV can reduce crime”. Based on 41 studies, they estimated that for every 100 crimes, 16 were prevented with CCTV. The caveat being that while there were significant reductions in vehicle and property crime, there was no evidence of an effect on violent crime.

While the simple presence of a security camera may deter criminals from burgling a house, to effectively prevent crime at business premises, the live images need to be observed at all times. At Abbey Security, we monitor your equipment from our 24-hour control room.

This allows us to effectively protect our client’s property and respond swiftly to anything untoward that is observed.

Are CCTV cameras effective at apprehending criminals?

The BSIAs 2015 report, “The Picture Is Not Clear: How Many CCTV Surveillance Cameras Are There in the UK?” suggested there were 4-6 million CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK, with those in the private sector outnumbering those used by public bodies by as much as 70:1.

This means the vast majority of cameras are not available to government departments on a day-to-day basis. Only when a major crime has been committed will the police ask business owners to share their footage. This information can then be used to get a wider understanding of what events took place.

As well as deterring criminals from committing a crime, the cameras are also effective at securing a conviction in the event of a break-in or criminal act. Providing there is clear signage to say CCTV is in operation and the footage does not invade anyone’s privacy whilst attempting to protect your property, CCTV images can be used in court.

We’ve written before how without CCTV recordings the chances of conviction are slim. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your cameras are working properly and are providing optimal coverage.

New CCTV cameras at Cambridge Science Park

At Cambridge Science Park, Abbey Security continually monitors 120 ultra-high definition cameras. Recently, the CCTV system has been updated to ensure full coverage of the entire park. Where the park has been redeveloped over the years, some areas had only partial or no surveillance coverage.

The updates allow us to effectively monitor the whole site, liaising with foot and mobile vehicle patrols on the site to deter criminal activity and increase the safety of staff working on the park.

Security for businesses in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds

Abbey Security provides the full range of security services to businesses in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. From manned guarding and keyholding to CCTV monitoring we can help protect businesses from crime.

Run from our 24-hour control room, our full monitoring service allows us to quickly respond to problems and alarm resets with ease, reducing your costs and limiting call outs. At Abbey Security, you’ll deal with one contact, who will oversee all alarm activations and monitor your equipment.

To see how Abbey Security can help you, contact us on 01284 768832 or fill in our contact form.

Posted on March 4, 2020

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