Quality Policy

Being of a small to medium size but highly efficient and quality cost conscious organisation a number of personnel have a dual role to carry out within its many aspects and functions. It is however the company’s policy that this dual role shall not deter on any manner of personnel from their prime objective of providing a quality service through an adequately controlled quality management system. The initial function of all management and employees shall be the maintenance of this objective

Abbey Security recognises that its operations can have an impact on the environment. In an commitment to improve our environmental performance we will carry out our business in a manner which manages and minimises any adverse impact on the environment.

Abbey Security Services Ltd, adheres to all legal requirements.

Management in ultimately responsible for making balanced judgments, assessing the significance of variations in this sphere and making decisions. Once arriving at these decisions the quality and personal integrity of staff are of fundamental importance. In this context, all effort is made to ensure that each person within the company understands that quality assurance is important to their task and know how they can assist in the achievement of adequate quality and are encouraged to do so.

Our Strategic Objectives are to:

  • To operate our business based on the principles of good business ethnics and best business practice to include the setting of measurable objectives and review performance against them
  • To completely satisfy our customer requirements by ensuring that our service quality matches or exceeds that which has been agreed with the customer and defined on the Assignment instructions
  • To continually improve the QMS by ensuring the risk and opportunities that can effect conformity of services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction is maintained
  • To make the customer aware of our approach to business
  • To meet and communicate to the organisation the importance of meeting statutory and relevant regulatory requirements e.g. data protection, equal opportunities, working time regulation and insurances that are commensurate with our business needs and requirements.
  • To continually improve the sustainability and effectiveness of the quality system and thereby to continually improve the quality of services
  • To ensure that all business processes that have influence on the quality of the services supplied and their inter relationships are identified and are prescribed by documented policies, procedures or instructions as appropriate.
  • To demonstrate top management commitment and ensure the quality objectives are communicated, understood and also implemented at appropriate levels of the organisation.
  • Establish partnerships with suppliers and interested parties to provide an improved services.

This Quality Policy is communicated and understood by all company employees and organisations working for and on our behalf. Employees and other organisations are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy whilst ensuring that their own work so far as is reasonably practicable is carried out without risk to themselves or the environment.

This policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure that it continues to be appropriate and to the achievement to our objectives.

Our management team is fully committed to the requirements of the Quality system and all employees are fully aware of their responsibilities for the implementation of the supporting procedures that require the achievement of a defined level of performance.

This policy is available to relevant interested parties upon reasonable request or found on our website.

The Company in all respects confirms to all regulating, legal and insurance requirements such as the working time directive.

The Directors have the overall responsibility for the operation of the quality system.

Day to day management of the system have been delegated to the Quality Control Manager.

It is expected that all personnel will maintain a positive forward looking outlook to the quality systems and procedures, monitoring their individual quality performance against that which is specified. Deviations from the documented procedures will not be permitted without the authority of a Director or Quality Control Manager.

Routine assessment of the quality management system for conformity will be carried out annually and internal audits by the Quality Control Manager.

This policy forms the framework for the development and implementation of our key business objectives.

We place particular emphasis on our 33 year expertise, dependability, never dropping a shift, safety with our Alumnus Safe Contractor accreditation and our service quality in providing our services.

Our Accreditation of operational conformity to contractor’s obligations, requirements is made on the basis of objective evidence provided through the process defined within the integrated management system manual supported by our operational procedures

The business objective of Abbey Security Services Ltd. is to provide a manned guarding service to business and commercial customers, covering their property and premises. The services provided include a combination of permanent and temporary static or mobile guarding and keyholding for mobile patrols and alarm response. These services can be provided throughout Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area. Our Ethos is to attend all alarms within 25 minutes to provide the highest level of customer service

Quality objectives are established for the company to meet this business objective and reviewed as company performance and customer requirements change, also outlining our internal and external interested parties.

A Quality Management System has been developed and will be maintained that complies with the requirements of the British Standards, BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Systems, BS 7499 Static Site Guarding & Mobile Patrols Services, BS 7984 Keyholding & Response Services, BS 7858 Security Screening of Individuals Employed in a Security Environment and BS7958 CCTV Management and Operation. Compliance with these Standards ensures that the Quality objectives of the Company will be achieved, maintained and continually improved through our business commitments.

Process measures and targets are set for the key business processes to monitor performance, regular internal and external reviews to improve all aspects of the business.

All employees of the Company are made aware of the Company’s Quality Policy, their own responsibilities and the need for them to make a commitment to quality in order that the business objective is continuously achieved and going that extra mile.

Effective resources in the form of personnel, equipment and facilities are made available by the Board of Directors, such that the required standards of quality can be achieved and maintained throughout the range of services provided by the Company.

Customer complaints are rigorously pursued and corrective action is taken to overcome any problem to avoid a recurrence. Our Customer Charter demonstrates our commitment to providing and maintaining a high quality of service.

The Directors of the Company endorse the requirement for the achievement of quality, as set out in this Quality Manual, will review it regularly, and are absolute in their commitment to work within the statutory and regulatory requirements, and request that all employees of the Company comply with the requirements.

David Alstin
Operations Director
1st July 2018

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